What We Do

We've got everything you need to launch and grow your business - not just engagement, but real return on investment

Digital Marketing

We work with you to produce overarching e-goals for your online endeavors—we will create content, run email campaigns, manage social media, generate optimal SEO solutions, and facilitate seamless mobile integration.

Social Media Strategy

We will construct the accounts pertinent to your business, come up with graphics and text, generate natural engagement outside of ads, and implement an organized & consistent approach to posting. Ads are created and monitored daily in order to produce optimal results per dollar.

Website Development

We will create and operate your entire website—every page as well as the analytics will be monitored and e-commerce solutions can be established. We have the ability to change and update the site in real time and troubleshoot any issues! A business email server is initiated also.

Graphic Design

Not only will we create the visuals for online purposes, but we will also manage any in-house print needed. We take pride in our work and also in our ability to meet our clients needs. We go through an initial “back and forth” phase, in which we determine exactly what you’re looking for aesthetically, before we begin to push visuals.

Our Clients

Pendleton PR has been honored to work with these clients